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Care for your Stainless Steel Products

No material is 100 % resistant to the destructive agents that are to be found even in a normal family home.

Substance such as ordinary solutions of salt, vinegar, mustard, lemon juice, tomatoes and mayonnaise are in no way harmful in themselves, but when cutlery which has come into contact with them on stainless steel surfaces, such as oxalic acid which is found in rhubarb, attacks stainless steel over its entire surface.

However by knowing how to avoid the common pitfalls you will be able to keep your stainless steel cutlery clean and spotless for many years to come.

Do's & Don’ts for your Cutlery

Do remove cutlery from the dishwasher as soon as the dishwasher programme is complete.

Don’t leave cutlery unwashed.
Don’t leave cutlery wet.
Don’t leave cutlery to soak.
Don’t leave cutlery to dry by itself, neither when washing by hand nor when washing in
a dishwasher.
Don’t use steel wool, this will spoil the cutlery. Use a recommended stainless steel polish.
Don’t wash chromium steel and 18/10 chromium nickel steel in the same compartment of the dishwasher. They rub together up against one another and this can lead to rust spot on the blades and scratches on the cutlery