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ChefWorks Ken Onion Rain Santility 7inch

ChefWorks Ken Onion Rain Santility 7inch

Product Code:CW-SANY-0700

ChefWorks has teamed up with famous knifemaker, Ken Onion, to bring you an innovative, award-winning line of professional chefs and kitchen knives which outperform the world's leading brands.

This knife is perfect for cutting meat as well as cleanly chopping through delicate herbs and starchy vegetables. The extra wide blade allows for easy scooping and removal of chopped food. The heft in the spine of the blade makes it perfect for chopping through chicken joints. The off-set handle and arc in the blade provide a flawless forward slicing motion.

The Ken Onion Rain Series of knives by ChefWorks combines high-quality materials, a unique blade pattern and a distinctive handle, resulting in cutting instruments and tools that are not only visually stunning, but are also superior in both function and ergonomics.

Constructed of high-performance stainless steel, the blades' unique shapes have been treated by a proprietary process creating the beautiful rain pattern. This process was speci?cally designed to reduce both surface tension and drag coe?cient across the entire blade, by creating multiple air pockets. These air pockets signi?cantly reduce the amount of surface area in contact with food being cut, resulting in a blade that slices effortlessly with an almost non-stick surface.

The handles are constructed of G-10 Garolite, an incredibly strong military-grade inert material which is highly impervious to both heat and moisture. Every elegant curve in the handle has not only been designed to ?t the human hand, but also distinctively shaped in order to enhance the speci?c performance task of each knife. The resulting designs allow the user to cut more safely, efficiently and comfortably.

Finest quality materials and craftmanship proudly manufactured in the USA.
Cutting Edge Plain
Colour Black
Handle G-10 Garolite
Blade Steel BDZ1 high-carbon stainless steel
Blade Length 17.75cm
- Unique Rain pattern
- Extra wide blade
- Drop handle & control bump
- Made in USA
Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, however excludes normal wear and tear and misuse.
Hand wash the 7" Santility knife with soapy water and dry, storing in a knife block or in-drawer knife tray for safety. To maintain your 7" Santility knife, run it lightly along the steel starting at the base of the blade and finishing at the tip. Remember that you want to apply very light and even pressure, maintaining the same angle (15-degrees) as you drop and pull the blade across the steel.