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CRKT ExiTool - Seat Belt Cutter

CRKT ExiTool - Seat Belt Cutter

Product Code:CRKT-9030

Anyone who has been trapped in a vehicle as a result of a horrific accident can attest to the importance of being prepared 'When Seconds Matter'.
Every driver has a concern about being trapped in a vehicle in an accident. The ExiTool fit's unobtrusively onto any standard seat belt with a simple folding clasp. It includes a seat belt cutter, a tungsten carbide window breaker, and a bright L.E.D. flashlight. The seat belt cutter has been carefully designed so that is virtually impossible for even the smallest fingers to accidentally reach the blade. it's blade is made of Razor-Sharp high-carbon stainless steel, and will cut seat belts in one quick pull. The side windows of modern vehicles are made of glass which is tempered to shatter on impact. The ExiTool features a small tungsten carbide breaker point. Just grasp the ExiTool body firmly and strike the window to break it. For best results, hit the window as close to the bottom edge as possible. The breaker has two emergency uses. On dry land, if the vehicle's doors are jammed closed, the breaker can allow instant escape through a side window. If the vehicle is submerged, most safety experts recommend using the air supply which is trapped inside before breaking a window to avoid a sudden onrushing flow of water. The ExiTool will allow driver or passengers to break the window instantly when it is needed. The L.E.D. light uses one replaceable CR2032 3-Volt lithium battery. Of course, the flashlight is useful in non-emergency situations, too. We think every vehicle should have at least one ExiTool
Brand CRKT
Blade Steel Hardened Steel
Colour Black
Handle Glass-Filled Nylon
Cutting Edge Plain
Knife Type Survival
Blade Length 1.3 cm
Overall Length 7 cm
Features L.E.D.
Glass Breaker
Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, however excludes normal wear and tear and misuse.