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Gletcher M1891 WWI Russian Classic Sawed-Off Rifle CO2 .177 BB

Gletcher M1891 WWI Russian Classic Sawed-Off Rifle CO2 .177 BB

Product Code:GL-M1891

The Gletcher M1891 is a CO2 powered replica of the classic sawed-off Military Rifle.

Inspired by its legendary design which was made famous during the Russian Civil War, this timeless piece will appeal to the collector and sports shooter alike.
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Gletcher Precision
This designation identifies Gletcher elite models that are manufactured with extreme precision and attention to detail. These flagship models offer the most functional characteristics and are the most comprehensive CO2 air replicas. If you want to understand the true passion of the Gletcher brand, choose a model with the Gletcher Precision designation.

World War I and World War II Classic
The beginning of twentieth century was a heyday for modern engineering. The world saw a host of influential innovations and inventions across all industries. The First World War will be remembered for its amazing and innovative firearm designs. The Second World War was a period of years of conflict, and weapons from this era are classic masterpieces. This legendary design has history, and was made famous during the Russian Civil War and this replica M1891 Sawn Off Mosin Nagant CO2 BB Rifle, is a kind of a pistol and rifle at the same time and in this sawn off configuration it looks both old school and modern.

Removable sight
One particular objective of the rebels that carried this gun was to be able to conceal it in appropriate situations. Adding to the inherent characteristics of this sawed off rifle, this gun has a removable sight. This functionality was included in the Gletcher M1891 in order to stay true to the historical accuracy of this weapon.

Metal body This is a true heavyweight in the Gletcher lineup - 5.6 lbs. One can appreciate the solid feel of the Gletcher M1891 considering the barrel, bolt mechanism, and magazine are all made of metal. CO2 powered with a built-in Hex Wrench Anyone who ever faced the need to carry a tool in order to screw in a C02 cartridge while using a CO2 weapon can appreciate this welcome functionality. The M1891 has a compartment for storing the accompanying retention screw tool in its magazine.
Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges to power the air pistols/rifles. It fires due to the discharge of pressurized carbon dioxide in the cartridge. The number of shots that can be made with one cylinder varies between models.

Single-action - SA/Original sliding bolt mechanism
This gun is equipped with a single-action - original sliding bolt mechanism. Shoot, pull back the bolt, shoot again, and once again pull back the bolt. This was the only way to shoot from manual bolt action rifles.The Gletcher M1891 works exactly the same way! The ammunition in the gun barrel for subsequent shots is actually fed into the firing chamber by opening the rifle's bolt.

NOTE: The calibre of this gun is .177 or 4.5 mm. Gletcher air guns use steel shot BBs. Any other calibre ammunition or other material may cause damage to the air gun and should not be used.

M1891 WWI Russian Classic Rifle is appropriate for adults and those aged 16 and older with adult supervision.

About the Brand:
SMG is an American company, with headquarters in New York and in 2008 began producing and selling highly detailed historic/modern replicas of premium CO2 air guns/rifles under the brand Gletcher.
Gletcher's primary goal is to create military precision CO2 air guns/rifles that simulate the feeling of shooting a real firearm. Features like full-metal construction, movable slides - Blowback system, and realistic recoil all add to the realism of the Gletcher experience. The replica's weight and dimensions make Gletcher guns the next best alternative to the real thing.
The company strive to replicate not only the external aesthetics of a firearm, but the internal mechanisms as well. This gives Gletcher air guns/rifles the feel of an authentic sidearm.
These air guns are a balance between functionality and historical accuracy, the combination of which captures the essence and nostalgia of the original design.
Over the years, Gletcher has won the hearts and spirits of gun enthusiasts, gun collectors, historic re-enactment hobbyists, and target shooters in many parts of the world - filling a void for customers who appreciate firearms but due to cultural and regulatory reasons are unable to own these types of items.
SKU GL-M1891
Colour Brown
BODY MATERIAL: Imitation Wood
CALIBER: .177 / 4,5mm
SAFETY: Bolt mounted
VELOCITY: 427fps
WEIGHT: 5.60lbs
OVERALL LENGTH: 22 7/16 in
SMG Inc. prides itself on delivering excellent customer support. Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, however excludes normal wear and tear and misuse. Disassembly - don't do it! Yes, you can disassemble some of the pistols but there are small parts that can fall out and tiny hairsprings that actuate specific parts in intricate ways. The loose parts are held together only by their confinement inside frame. Once out of the frame, they're free to fall away.
Use Umarex Walther Maintenance Capsules which are an important addition to any air gun care kit. Umarex Walther valve maintenance capsules can be used in all CO2 airguns in place of any 12g CO2 capsule. What makes these capsules special is the addition of 0.5g of a specially formulated oil that helps clean and lubricate valves while shooting, it also helps lubricate all sliding parts of the guns mechanism. The manufacturer recommendation is to use one maintenance capsule after shooting 10 normal CO2 capsules to maintain a smooth, clean well maintained gun.