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Marto Miniature Knights of the Round Table Sword and Shield - Sir Bohor

Marto Miniature Knights of the Round Table Sword and Shield - Sir Bohor

Product Code:MT-5267

Sir Bohor, was associated with Sir Galahad and Lancelot in their search for the Holy Grail.

Part of the collection of 12 Miniature Camelot Swords and Shields with the Coat of Arms of the Knight of the Round Table.
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Knights of the Round Table - Sir Bohor

Sir Bohor is the hero of many magical adventures such as the quest for the Holy Grail, where a damsel offers him her love, which he refuses, then she, with 12 other damsels, threatens to throw herself from a tower.

Sir Bohor, though of a kindly disposition, thinks they had better lose their souls than his. They fall from the tower, Sir Bohor crosses himself, and the hole vanishes, being a deceit of the devil.

After the quest is ended, Sir Bohor comes to Camelot, where he relates his adventures, which, it is said, were written down and kept in the Abbey of Salisbury.

Genuine Miniature, made by Marto in Toledo, with the guarantee and origin certificate "Made in Toledo".
SKU MT-5267
Overall Length 19 cm
- Each shield comes with the Coat of Arms of the Camelot Knight w/ matching sword.
- Material: Steel
Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, however excludes normal wear and tear and misuse.