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Marto Miniature Knights of the Round Table Sword and Shield - Sir Hector de Maris

Marto Miniature Knights of the Round Table Sword and Shield - Sir Hector de Maris

Product Code:MT-5271

Sir Hector was younger half-brother of Lancelot and the natural son of King Ban of Benwick and the Lady de Maris.

Part of the collection of 12 Miniature Camelot Swords and Shields with the Coat of Arms of the Knight of the Round Table.
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Knights of the Round Table - Sir Hector de Maris

Sir Hector de Maris participates in the Grail Quest, but he is one of the many knights who prove unworthy of achieving the object. In the Quest du Saint Graal of the Vulgate Cycle, Hector and Gawain are traveling together when they come to a ruined chapel where they pass the night. Each has a marvellous dream. The next morning, as they are telling each other their respective visions, they see, "a Hand, showing unto the elbow, and was covered with red samite, and upon that hung a bridle, not rich, and held within the fist a great candle that burnt right clear, and so passed afore them, and entered into the Chapel, and then vanished away, and they wist not where."

When Lancelot is caught in his affair with Guinevere, Hector stands by his brother and leaves court with him to become one of his generals.

Genuine Miniature, made by Marto in Toledo, with the guarantee and origin certificate "Made in Toledo".
SKU MT-5271
Overall Length 19 cm
- Each shield comes with the Coat of Arms of the Camelot Knight w/ matching sword.
- Material: Steel
Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, however excludes normal wear and tear and misuse.