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Omega Via Barberia Shaving Set 1 Aquae

Omega Via Barberia Shaving Set 1 Aquae


The Gift Set!
Refreshing Wet Shave Aquae Creams with a Limited Edition innovative, synthetic, quick-drying Omega Hi-Brush shaving brush in a metallic orange. Stylish!
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Via Barberia

Via Barberia is a NEW brand product line for wet shaving born from the experience of Pennellificio Omega SpA, leader for over 80 years in the manufacturing of shaving brushes.

The name of the new line is inspired by a famous street in the Old Town of Bologna, Via Barberia, where, between reality and legend, several old barber shops were located.

The wet shaving soaps and creams are presented in three elegant, well balanced fragrances, refined, distinguished but delicate and sophisticated for a new experience in wet shaving, leaving the skin supple, hydrated and radiant after use.

Limited Edition Gift Set - Aquae features the innovative HI-Brush Synthetic Omega shaving brush with a metallic orange acrylic handle. Soft fibre hairs with bristle stiffness to allow for an easy lather. Hygienic and easy to clean. Also includes a jar of soothing Aquae Shaving Cream and Aquae After Shave Fluid Cream, renown for it's toning and moisturizing with Hyaluronic Acid, as well as protection from irritation caused by shaving.

Omega's high quality brand includes a complete range of shaving brushes and sets, both in Bristle, Badger, Silver Tip or innovative HI-Brush synthetic fibres.
Colour Metallic Orange
Limited Edition Aquae Gift Set Box Includes:
Synthetic Omega HI-Brush w/Metallic Orange Acrylic Handle:
-Knot diameter: 22mm
-Total height: 107mm
Via Barberia Aquae Shaving Cream Jar 125ml
Via Barberia Aquae After Shave Fluid Cream 50ml
Made in Italy
Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, however excludes normal wear and tear and misuse.