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Pro-Defense F4 Pepper Spray Kit - Black

Pro-Defense F4 Pepper Spray Kit - Black

Product Code:PROD-520040

The World's First Tactical Rail-Mounted Pepper Spray.

This Non-Lethal Force Alternative for Military, Police, Security Personnel as well as Personal Home Defence, comes highly recommended by leading experts.

Its design allows for split second deployment, as well as instantaneous transition from non-lethal to lethal tactics. Requires minimal training time and is extremely easy to use. It empowers you to implement the appropriate amount of force for any situation, reducing the risk and liability when engaging a hostile opponent.
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The new F4 Tactical by Pro-Defense is a versatile, easy to deploy, non-lethal force option for Military, Police and Security personnel, as well as personal home defence. When every second counts in making the right decisions, you can be prepared to engage on any level with the all new F4 TACTICAL rail-mounted pepper spray.
Its design allows for split second deployment, as well as instantaneous transition from non-lethal to lethal tactics.
Easily mounted on any rifle, shotgun, or other weapon featuring a standard Picatinny Rail, this revolutionary product enables the operator's hands to control non-lethal force as well as lethal force instantaneously on one platform. The unit is constructed with military-grade polymers and uses Sabre Red Pepper Spray, Military-grade O.C. that is capable of subduing the most formidable hostiles.

F4Tactical System - Contains:
1 x F4 Unit Body - Black with user friendly Picatinny rail mounts
1 x 3 oz. canister of Pepper Spray w/ specialized nozzle
SKU PROD-520040
Colour Black
Features Product Features:
- Easy to deploy - Minimal Training Time
- Reduced Liability vs. Lethal Alternatives
- Range of Approximately 20 Feet
- Quickly mounts on Standard Picatinny Rails
- Sprays a STREAM from any angle - 360 degrees
- Lightweight, durable and easy to use!
- Button trigger safety

Sabre Red Pepper Spray and Cross Fire Technology
- Active Ingredients: 1.33% Major Capsaicinoids, 10% Oleoresin Capsicum

- Made in the USA
Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, however excludes normal wear and tear and misuse.