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Smith & Wesson Self Defence Pepper Spray 4oz Flip Top

Smith & Wesson Self Defence Pepper Spray 4oz Flip Top

Product Code:DEF-SW1302

YOUR PERSONAL BODYGUARD.The New range of Smith & Wesson Self Defence Pepper Spray Products, are ideal for
personal protection and are extensively used by security and law enforcement agencies.
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This powerful 15% OC Pepper Spray formula, emits 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units which is projected in a splatter type stream, having the potential to immobilize attackers for up to 20 minutes. In addition to experiencing extreme discomfort and pain, the Smith & Wesson Self Defence Pepper Spray Products cause enlargement to the mucous membranes, resulting in breathing difficulty, as well as affecting the eyes, causing them to uncontrollably water and close. These effects can last in excess of 20 minutes, however will cause no permanent damage. All models contain safety locking features.

Smith & Wesson Pepper Spray are manufactured in the U.S.A.and are available in different models. Some feature the flip top safety cap, which is critical for protection against accidental discharge when carried in a purse or pocket, however allowing for quick deployment in emergencies. The four-ounce, three ounce, two ounce and 3/4oz ounce "Jogger" style all incorporate the flip top safety features.

The 1/2oz and 3/4 oz keyring models feature the rotating safety nozzle, which requires rotation from the safe to the fire position for activation.
Colour Black
- 4oz
- Splatter type stream delivery
- 15% OC Pepper Spray
- Flip top safety feature
Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, however excludes normal wear and tear and misuse.